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Personal Color & Style Analysis

Why is it important to know your color palette & style before you shop?


Dressing in the right colors can make us appear younger, healthier, slimmer, more energized, and more beautiful.  Choosing the right color palette to represent our unique brand is one of the most critical tasks we face as we create a practical, personal wardrobe. 


When shopping, Sibo believes in choosing the color first, followed by the style and fit. If a color strikes your fancy but isn’t part of your recommended palette, leave it and move on. Following this step will ensure that new clothes don’t end up buried in your closet, barely worn and unappreciated. To empower your test drive, Sibo has built a tool to define your palette. Please answer the following questions (and please answer intuitively, do not over-think).

Confidentiality statement: The information you share in the analysis will be used only for research purposes and in ways that will not reveal who you are. You’ll not appear in any publication from this study, nor will your information be distributed to any third parties.

Optional: for best results, please upload your picture with no filters and minimal makeup.

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