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Fashion Week 2020: Is Your Style Sustainable?

2020 is flying by! Fashion Week in New York starts today, with London’s Fashion Week starting on February 14th and Milan’s kicking off on the 18th. As we think about the new collection premiers, we can’t ignore one of the most pressing questions of our time: sustainability, and Earth’s precious environment.

We think about how we are continually inspired by brands like @ryanrocheny for her brilliant use of color in her collections – which are also sustainable and low-impact designed. We also applaud the efforts of Planet Fashion and others for setting up sustainable fashion-focused events in New York this week. And, we’ll be watching the larger industry moves as consumers demand fashion with minimal waste and delivered via the smallest carbon footprints possible.

At Sibo, we believe that apparel should be as sustainably sourced and produced as possible, always. The long-term vision for our core product will allow consumers to shop smarter and better by pairing them to looks that compliment color-wise, fit-wise, and with looks that increase confidence and levels of success. By pairing shoppers with the best looks in the right colors and that complement their body shape, we expect to dramatically reduce the carbon impacts from frequent returns/exchanges. With enough data over time, we’ll be able to share with our partners the looks that will be in the highest production demand – reducing overproduction.

Is your fashion business on board yet? If you aren’t already signed up for Sibo news and releases, you can do so here. Interested to partner on what we’re building? Let us know! And we hope to see you around and share a toast to the #future of #fashion!

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