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Is Orange For You?

What do you think about the color orange?

A few years ago, the color orange seemed to be everywhere. The explosive hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black had catapulted the color into regular office-cooler conversations, not to mention the countless billboards, digital, and print ads filled with the color orange in connection with the show. Inmates and prison garb were the topic du jour.

We tend to think of orange as a signifier of other items, too, including teams, places, and things such as orange juice, the state of Florida, and the Denver Broncos football team!

Orange tends to be used a decent bit for companies and their logos, or in connection with food. But even though your eyes may love it, you must ask yourself: does orange actually look good on you? Is your favorite orange sweater actually flattering your tone, or improving the way you are perceived? Or, should you consider donating that orange hat-glove set your aunt gives you next Christmas to someone who needs it?

While certain colors aren’t the best for your coloring, they could be great for your sibling, souse, or child. Part of our mission at Sibo came about by seeing so many incredible, attractive people wearing colors that were dragging down their look. That’s why we are building AI-backed technology to help make such recommendations for you.

To continue perfecting our product, we need additional testers to take our color survey. This takes just 5 mins, so if you haven’t done so yet, please link over to and upload a recent, front-facing photo and answer a few questions to get started.

So, please check out our color survey to know if orange is right for you. And for now, keep your eyes open for more enhancements to come from Sibo, soon!

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