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Welcome to the Future, Today!

Happy New Year AND new decade, one and all!

It is hard to believe the 2010’s are now over. If we step back to think of the changes and advances in societies across the globe this past decade, it is almost breathtaking. On the positive side, we’ve seen advances in healthcare, distance education, computer literacy, the utilization of big data for good, and incredible advances in artificial intelligence. On the flip side, we’ve seen technology used to speed up consolidation in the fashion and retail spaces (and thus, the closing of many influential, legacy brands), and we’ve also observed technology used to shape opinions and influence election results with less-than-transparent methods.

At Sibo, we’re excited for the next decade and the innovation that will come with it. We hope our plans for the company will provide needed technology for consumers who need help identifying the looks and colors that are best for them (and eventually, the places where they can purchase those looks). Our ask of you: if you have friends or colleagues who could use a hand with styling and finding their best colors, please send them our way (here, as quickly as you can!)

And, if you’ve already taken our color analysis and did not get a chance to download your results, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we will assist!

As always, we appreciate your ideas and feedback and are grateful for your continued support as we build Sibo into something great and incredibly useful!

Again, happy 2020 to you and yours!

Lisa, Shanna, Chandra, and Luke @TeamSibo

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